A Message From HR:

McSGoC…..HR Policies for  ‘Faculty’
To enhance capacity building and the qualifications, the faculty members are encouraged to pursue Ph.D. and M.Tech. courses. Moreover, the Group also organizes programmes for quality improvement and faculty development.
 Qualification Enhancement / Faculty Development Programme
The faculty members are provided on the job opportunity for qualification enhancement through its M.Tech., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes. Study Leave is also provided for the same.
Annual Increment
The faculty members are subjected to independent feedback from the students and based on their performance and results annual increments are given.
Conferences / Seminars/Workshop
The faculty members are encouraged to attend conferences/ seminars. Necessary Registration charges and TA/DA is borne by the McSGoC and duty leave is provided for the same as per College(s) rules.
Research Activities
Research activities are supported at every level.  The faculty members are allowed to avail the facilities and utilize College resources for the same. Publications/ presentation of research work are encouraged by providing financial assistance, leave and other allied facilities.
Insurance Facility
McSGoC has also planned to provide Insurance facility for all the faculty members under special scheme. This will be a unique scheme to provide financial aid time -to-time to all faculty members and staff of McSGoC.
Internet Facility
24 x 7 internet facility is provided. Senior faculty members are also provided with desktops .
Bank facility
On the campus bank facility(viz account opening, ATM…) is available. Assistance to avail loan is provided to the staff as well as students also.
Sports and Recreation Facilities
Sports facilities and recreation facilities are provided for the faculty members. Community dinner for faculty members and their families is arranged on different occasions.
Library Facility
Digital library facility in addition to conventional library is available within and beyond working hours. Free access to various Journals of National and International repute. Newspapers and Magazines is also available.
Accommodation facilities
Bachelor/unmarried faculty has been provided exclusive accommodation in the College Campus. Group  also provides furnished transit/short stay accommodation with pantry to guest faculty.

 Other facilities
McSGoC Also provides Semester break leaves to all its faculty members and staff  during summer and winter break based on solely of their tenure in McSGoc. As 60% of our faculty is between the age of 24-35 yrs,so we also provide the privilege of additional 7 days leave to them for their Marriage
Transport Facility
We also provide Air conditioned winger facility for our Faculty and staff members.