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Dr M. C. Saxena College of Engineering & Technology is approved by the AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education, Ministry of HRD., Govt. of India, New Delhi ) and affiliated to the U.P. Technical University, Lucknow .

It is recognized and accredited by both the state and central govt. and is accredited of a first grade institution right from inception and is destined by design to be among the Top B. Tech. College in Lucknow .

MCSCET is a priority project sponsored by the SAES. The foundation of MCSCET is rooted in the cardinal principle of “SATYMEV JAYATE” and the living spirit behind the establishment of this institution is the dedication and committed life of Dr M.C.Saxena, a scientist of international repute and eminence in field of environmental sciences. His sensitivities to integrity, academics and professional standards shall remain the guiding force to acclaim the hallmark of glory and tradition at MCSCET.

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MCSCET Conference room

Conference room

Knowledge is rendered purposeless without application. Thus to facilitate the practical implementation of theoretical learning MCSCET is equipped with the best conference rooms to hold group discussions on national topics, present ppt. presentation on corporate level and hold debates etc on various topics. The conference rooms are often used by corporates to give orientation lectures during campus placements.

MCSCET Central Library

Central Library

MCSCET Library is also termed as the Central Library and subscribes to various national and international journals. The library is also a part of the Delnet network enabling students to access over 10lacs books digitally. The Library is increasingly being redefined as a place to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources. In addition to providing materials, the college also provides the services of librarians, who are experts at finding and organizing information. The library has a good collection of books which are a source of extensive information and references for students.All books in MCSGOC library have separate barcode and connected to Lib-Sys. In addition to this, the library is also a host to large number of Fiction books that are a source of entertainment. The aim of the library is not only help to inculcate the habit of reading but inculcates a quest for knowledge, which makes a person humble and open to new ideas throughout his/her life.

MCSCET Summary books

Summary books

Books : 38,762 Journals : 116 (50 Foreign, 45 Indian and 21 Exchange) Bound Journals : 8,657 Special Collection : Theses of Ph.D. students, Classical Books on Management
Special features :
Corporate Membership Inter-Library Loan Book Bank Indexing of Journal Articles Reference Service Photocopier