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    Prof. Sanjay Tandon

Welcome to Dr. M. C. Saxena Colleges of Management

We are available to help you build a Techno-Managerial Career beyond what you possibly may not have thought of or may not keep you in a state of readiness with emerging technologies. At the threshold of a Techno-Managerial professional career, one has a fruitful lifespan of five decades or so. The rewards may be astonishing for a right and prospective engineer but require an intelligent grooming where the curriculum and extra curriculum activities matter a lot to face the challenging technological world.

OUR FACIlities

Career Avenues

After MBA degree you can develop a career in a range of fields.An MBA can help you make major break or leap in your career path with a concomitant leap in income and management expertise.

Learning MethodologyThe learning methodology is primarily experiential in nature with a focus on the application of concepts. The methodology includes the following based on the requirements of a specific subject:

  • Interactive lectures se study analysis
  • Classroom projects and exercises
  • Class simulations and games
  • Group presentations
  • Analysis of contemporary articles from refereed journals
  • Field projects and company visits
  • Expert and guest lectures
  • Activity labs