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Mr Sanjay Tandon HOD, MBA


Welcome to Dr. M. C. Saxena Colleges of Management

We are available to help you build a Techno-Managerial Career beyond what you possibly may not have thought of or may not keep you in a state of readiness with emerging technologies. At the threshold of a Techno-Managerial professional career, one has a fruitful lifespan of five decades or so. The rewards may be astonishing for a right and prospective engineer but require an intelligent grooming where the curriculum and extra curriculum activities matter a lot to face the challenging technological world.

OUR FACIlities

Career Avenues

After MBA degree you can develop a career in a range of fields.An MBA can help you make major break or leap in your career path with a concomitant leap in income and management expertise.


Conference room has sitting capacity for 80 people. It is a hub for the group discussion, management meetings and also at the time of placement it is one of the point for the corporate world.


College has a well stocked library with a wide range of books written by reputed national and international authors. The library regularly subscribes to a variety of Indian and foreign journals and magazines. It is equipped with resources and facilities for study, research, self improvement and leisure through books, published material and electronic media.


The college has a well maintained computer centre having 60 modern computers connected to high speed internet facility. Keeping in mind the need and importance of computers in the management program and for the grooming, College is in agreement with Microsoft. Microsoft provides the software’s for all the systems in computer centre.


Interview rooms are the ideal venue for meeting job candidates. Our interview rooms are fully serviced with free wireless broadband and can accommodate up to 4 people.


Our entrance lobby says a lot about MCSGOC. In a competitive commercial market, conducting the recruitment drive often depends n the drive-up and walk-in appeal of a building’s entrance and lobby. It’s a chance to make a lasting impression and cast a MCSGOC’S image.

Learning MethodologyThe learning methodology is primarily experiential in nature with a focus on the application of concepts. The methodology includes the following based on the requirements of a specific subject:

  • Interactive lectures se study analysis
  • Classroom projects and exercises
  • Class simulations and games
  • Group presentations
  • Analysis of contemporary articles from refereed journals
  • Field projects and company visits
  • Expert and guest lectures
  • Activity labs