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Welcome to Dr. M. C. Saxena Colleges of Engineering & Technology

Message from Dr Manisha Shekhar

”Scientists investigate that which already is Engineers create that which has never been” The biggest challenge for the present and the coming generation is to manage knowledge along with their trends and traditions. The selection of an institute where you will pursue higher education and which would provide you with the platform from where you will embark on your first journey towards your career is a critical decision of your life. You need to take into account several factors, like professional ethics, mentoring and character building, knowledge development, social development etc. The most defining ones being a teaching-learning process and academic ambience. We at MCSGOC from the very inception have emphasised on imparting quality education from the deeper sense. The institute also diligently works upon educating its students, the combination of academics and the excitement of discovery and providing them with a big platform to show their excellence in each and every specialisation. We are unique in developing right from entry the presentable personality through inbuilt programme by our training & placement section, managed by professional experts. We are moving ahead with the target, so as to impart required knowledge to the students, which will definitely give them a place where they and their parents will feel delighted to come and enhance in them a feeling of confidence. I wish for their upheaval in each and every step of their life.    

Message from Dr S N Basu   “Honest perseverance with positive approach is key to success” Technical Education plays a pivotal role in the development of any country. During the current age of knowledge-based society, Technical Education has assumed an irrefutably significant role and in that it has been making rapid strides in keeping pace with various current industrial innovations and technological advances. With the opening of the doors to multinational companies, Indian Industry is also adopting new technologies, improved methods of production & quality control. For the last ten years, the Institute through its qualitative and quantitative expansion of Technical Education has been striving hard to attain a “ World Class” status.    

Message from Mr Preetesh Saxena   I, as the Dean of the group, invite all the parents and public alike to make use of the facilities and resources offered by the Institution. I look forward to working with you as you shape your future during the most exciting period of your life and would like to make sure that your stay with us, would be both memorable and rewarding.  

OUR FACIlities

MCSCET Conference Room

Knowledge is rendered purposeless without application. Thus to facilitate the practical implementation of theoretical learning MCSCET is equipped with the best conference rooms to hold group discussions on national topics, present ppt. presentation on corporate level and hold debates etc on various topics. The conference rooms are often used by corporates to give orientation lectures during campus placements.

Central Library

MCSCET Library is also termed as the Central Library and subscribes to various national and international journals. The library is also a part of the Delnet network enabling students to access over 10lacs books digitally. The Library is increasingly being redefined as a place to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources. In addition to providing materials, the college also provides the services of librarians, who are experts at finding and organising information. The library has a good collection of books which are a source of extensive information and references for students.
All books in MCSGOC library have a separate barcode and connected to Lib-Sys. In addition to this, the library is also a host to a large number of Fiction books that are a source of entertainment. The aim of the library is not only helping to inculcate the habit of reading but inculcates a quest for knowledge, which makes a person humble and open to new ideas throughout his/her life.

Special features:

Corporate Membership
Inter-Library Loan
Book Bank
Indexing of Journal Articles
Reference Service

Special features :

  • Corporate Membership
  • Inter-Library Loan
  • Book Bank
  • Indexing of Journal Articles
  • Reference Service
  • Photocopier

Students Testimonials

Our Projects


    Inspection robots are used in many fields of industry. One application is monitoring the inside of the pipes and channels, recognizing and solving problems through the interior of pipes or channels. Automated inspection of the inner surface of a pipe can be achieved by a mobile robot. Because pipelines are typically buried underground, they are in contact with the soil and subject to corrosion, where the steel pipe wall oxidizes, and effectively reducing wall thickness. Although it’s less common, corrosion also can occur on the inside surface of the pipe and reduces the strength of the pipe. If crack goes undetected and becomes severe, the pipe can leak and, in rare cases, fail catastrophically. Extensive efforts are made to mitigate corrosion. Pipe inspection is necessary to locate defects due to corrosion and wear while the pipe is transporting fluids. This ability is necessary especially when one should inspect an underground pipe. In this work, Pipe Inspection Robot (PIR) with ability to move inside horizontal and vertical pipes has been designed and fabricated. The robot consists of a motor for driving and camera for monitoring.

  • Movable E-shop(ME PROJECT)

    The project aims at developing a highly efficient and eco friendly “movable E- shop which would cater the needs of the book sellers, toy sellers etc. The movable E-shop would run on battery power just similar to that of E-rickshaw hence it would be non polluting as well. A solar panel is also connected to the batteries, which in turn increases the efficiency of the E-rickshaw. A normal book seller has to pull the cart manually which requires a lot of muscular energy. He can only go to a distance of about 5-7 km in a day. After the day’s hard work his profit is also low because he is not able to reach far of places. So in order to reduce the muscular energy and to increase the distance of his reach the E-shop has been proposed as a project to me. Today they show their products one by one to their customers and are unable to show all the products properly but by E-shop they will be able to all the products in a single view. The LED lights and an audio player (to play voice recorded file in a loop) would also be attached to the E-rickshaw which would allow the seller to sell the goods at nights also and would also save his energy which is wasted in shouting to attract customers in the open markets.


    This project concerns about the development of engine operated with bio-fuel in India. Biodiesel is a generic name for a diesel replacement fuel that is manufactured from either vegetable oils, animal fats and recycled cooking oils. Biodiesel is manufactured from naturally occurring fats fro plants and animals. The manufacturing process converts these oils and fats into chemicals called fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) or more commonly biodiesel. Glycerin is a co-product of biodiesel manufacturing process. Replacing petroleum derives diesel fuel with biodiesel offers these advantages: It can be used in most diesel equipment with no modification or, in some instant, only minor modification. It reduces global worming gas emissions. It reduces tailpipe emissions, particularly the toxic components. It is essentially free of sulfur, so the emissions do not contribute to acid rain. It is non toxic, biodegradable, and suitable for sensitive environments. It has a higher flash point, so it is safer to store and transport.

  • Multi way power hacksaw(ME PROJECT)

    In this project work and effort has been made to develop a modernized four way hacksaw machine and less stress full operation for cutting wood, metal and plastic materials. The aim of this work is to develop a hacksaw machine that will use a less effort to produce uniform cutting of PVC pipes, metals, wood. It is also done to show the performance difference between hand driven, pedal drive and four way hacksaw machine. This model implies a conversion of rotary motion of free disc into reciprocating motion of hacksaw blades. This motion is used for hacksaw machine, in this model we can operate four hacksaws at same time. This model will overcome the traditional hacksaw machine which done material cutting of single piece at particular times interval and also fulfills the need of more material cutting accounts to mass production. This machine works significantly with minimum vibrations and jerks. This machine will also done cutting of different materials, hence the purposed model of hacksaw machines will be welcomed by many industries due to compactness and efficiency. To achieve this goal the four way hacksaw machine is developed.

  • Binary Fun Game(CS PROJECT)

    Binary fun game is a challenging game where you have to put one on the place of zeros in the grid to make a correct representation of the decimal number given at the end of row and column There are three modes in the game, easy (4x4), medium (6x6), hard (8x8). All you need to do is put ones in the place of zeros. This binary game encourages you to convert binary numbers to the decimal by mental math faster and faster. It could be used to learn binary coding and decoding. So that it could help some computer science students to be faster in conversions. Description: The binary fun game is a puzzle game, which helps the students getting a better understanding of binary numbers and binary to decimal conversion. The idea behind the game is to convert the decimal, given at the end of rows and columns by toggling the grid, and the player have to choose only one way either row or column if the rows are correct then columns will automatically be correct.

  • Real-time Location Tracking System

    The project is meant to propose a simple and portable solution for people to get traced during a trip. The application is web based and should be available for every people who have the possibility to 1. Run a small Android application on its Android mobile phone. 2. Has link between a GPS device and its mobile phone. 3. Has Internet access. This concept is not new and a lot of applications involving GPS are available on the market: nowadays almost every new car is equipped with a GPS on board and help people in city or country side to end their road. The concept of this project is a bit different. We are not focusing on "where are we?" but more on "where he/she is?" For this the idea is to use a cell phone which accepts to receive GPS coordinates and send them to a server able to record them under the account of a register user (tracked person). Then from a Desktop Software, the user can be followed on a map in real time mode.


    Automatic toll gate system using Radio frequency Identification emerges as a conveying technology where time efficiency are the matter of priority in toll collection system of present of days. In order to Matter to overcome the major issue of collision in our project the reader is placed on the road, and the tag is placed beneath the vehicle. The object detection sensor which is placed on the side of the road detect approach oncoming vehicle. Thus the reader reads the information in the tag and transaction takes place through a centralized data base and the aftermath details of the transaction is intimated to the user’s mobile through GSM technologies


    The main purpose of this project is drunk driving detection. Now a days many accidents are happening because of alcohol consumption of driver. Alcohol detector in car is designed for safety of the peoples inside car. The project is fitted and installed inside the car.In this project we have used AT89S51 microcontroller IC with SIM300 GSM module for SMS warning.



    With the emergence of new types of robots there is also discovery of various number of ways by which a robot can be controlled which includes pc controlled , voice input, gesture control and many more. This project successfully deals with the replacement of human with robots in hostile and life threatening conditions. Robots can be send to situations where human find it difficult. What can be the best use of any machine rather than saving a human life. To control the robot in hostile situations we have provided two types of control, it can be controlled either through personal computers or by voice control. The advantage of voice control is that even an illiterate can control the robot through voice commands.

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