Dr. M. C. Saxena College of Engineering & Technology

Message from Dr Manisha Shekhar

”Scientists investigate that which already is Engineers create that which has never been” The biggest challenge for the present and the coming generation is to manage knowledge along with their trends and traditions. The selection of an institute where you will pursue higher education and which would provide you with the platform from where you will embark on your first journey towards your career is a critical decision of your life. You need to take into account several factors, like professional ethics, mentoring and character building, knowledge development, social development etc. The most defining ones being a teaching-learning process and academic ambience. We at MCSGOC from the very inception have emphasised on imparting quality education from the deeper sense. The institute also diligently works upon educating its students, the combination of academics and the excitement of discovery and providing them with a big platform to show their excellence in each and every specialisation. We are unique in developing right from entry the presentable personality through inbuilt programme by our training & placement section, managed by professional experts. We are moving ahead with the target, so as to impart required knowledge to the students, which will definitely give them a place where they and their parents will feel delighted to come and enhance in them a feeling of confidence. I wish for their upheaval in each and every step of their life.    

Message from Dr S N Basu   “Honest perseverance with positive approach is key to success” Technical Education plays a pivotal role in the development of any country. During the current age of knowledge-based society, Technical Education has assumed an irrefutably significant role and in that it has been making rapid strides in keeping pace with various current industrial innovations and technological advances. With the opening of the doors to multinational companies, Indian Industry is also adopting new technologies, improved methods of production & quality control. For the last ten years, the Institute through its qualitative and quantitative expansion of Technical Education has been striving hard to attain a “ World Class” status.    

Message from Mr Preetesh Saxena   I, as the Dean of the group, invite all the parents and public alike to make use of the facilities and resources offered by the Institution. I look forward to working with you as you shape your future during the most exciting period of your life and would like to make sure that your stay with us, would be both memorable and rewarding.  

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Disha 2017(Cultural/Tech Fest) will be on 20th,21st April 2017

Disha 2017(Cultural/Tech Fest) will be on 20th,21st April 2017

Final Degrees available !!

The final year degrees, in respect of following students are available in the Examination Cell of College. Accordingly the students are advised to collect it..

Project Training is going on.

Project Training is going on.

Meeting Time For Parents

NOTICE   Parents of many students of the college seek meeting with the college authorities to discuss  issue of refund of fees/cancellation of admission and..

Counselling for Admissions going on

Counselling for Admissions going on

Freshers 2016-2017

Result of 8th semester For B.Tech and B.Tech(Biotech) Declared