Selected Candidates
1 Kriti Saxena 4th year CSE 2019

1-Shawab Parween MBA 2019
2-Aman Pandey(MBA 2019)

Selected Candidates
1 Mohd. Aaqib MBA
2 Mohd. Kamran Khan CS
3 Ekta Dwivedi CS
4 M. Khalid Siddiqui EC
5 Akash Tiwari CS
6 Prashant Bhatnagar CS

Selected Candidates
1 Tripti Agarwal CS
2 Ashish Kumar CS

Selected Candidates

Selected Candidates
1 Himanshu Srivastava MBA
2 Bhartendu Bhushan Singh MBA
3 Mohd. Aaqib MBA

Selected Candidates
1 Maulshree Srivastava CS
2 Sumit Singh EC
3 Masuk Alam ME

Selected Candidates
1 Syed Haider Iqbal EC
2 Amrat Kapoor EC
3 Sadhna Dubey EC
4 Sanjeev Mishra ME
5 Priyank Dubey CS
6 Divya Srivastava CS
7 Garima Singh EC
8 Shashank Tiwari EC
9 Ashish Arora EC
10 Dewank Gaur CS
11 Ishan Ojha CS
12 Saif Ali Khan CS
13 Aakriti Chandra CS

Selected Candidates
1 Ayush Kumar ME
2 Ashish Kumar EC
3 Md. Faris CS
4 Nidhi EC
5 Prateek Dubey CS
6 Rachit Thariani CS

Selected Candidates
1 Jameer Khan CS
2 Rachit Thariani CS
3 Amardeep Gautam CS

Drive Date : 7 February 2018

Selected Candidates
1 Ishan Rastogi CS
2 Ujjwal Gupta CS

Drive Date : 5 February 2018

Selected Candidates
1 Ravi Kumar Singh ME
2 Divyanshu ME

Selected Candidates
1 Sneha Kumari B.PHARMA
2 Salman Ahmad Khan B.PHARMA
3 Prateek Chandra B.PHARMA

Drive Date : 30 January 2018

Selected Candidates
1 Utkarsha Srivastava CS
2 Ishan Ojha CS

Selected Candidates
1 Dewang Gaur CS

Selected Candidates
2 Anurag Kumar B.PHARMA

Selected Candidates
1 Jagat Narayan EC
2 Himanshu Jaiswal EC

Placements Tips

Corporate Relations Department

MCSGOC has its own Corporate Relation Department, which operates under the overall guidance of a coordinator who heads a team of managers and executives, to work towards better placements every year, at the campuses.

The Team

Having experience of more than 5 Yrs in the corporate as well as in academic field and has worked with ICICI as Associate Financial Service Manager. For the past 13 years we have been successful in running the full-fledged Corporate Relation Department which is highly committed to plan and execute various placement activities round the year. Most of our alumni are very well placed in the reputed companies through on/off campus interviews.

Ms. Azumand Rizvi Asst. Mgr., Corporate Relations

Placement Stats