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MCSCOP is a modern institution established by the Society for the Advancement of Environmental Sciences of India, which has been Approved by Pharmacy Council of India & recognized by AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) and has been affiliated to UPTU (Uttar Pradesh Technical University), Lucknow w.e.f. academic session 2007-08 onwards.

The institution has very advance technical tools such as HPCL, GLC, and AAS etc. required in advance training in B.Pharma and M.Pharma.

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Dr. Uday Veer Singh Sara ( Director- MCSCOP)

Director's Message


harmacy is known since ancient times (Sushrut 6th century BC) which remained the integral part of the medical health care system in our society. Despite being a science, the definition of pharmacy was localized as an art of compounding and dispensing the medicinal preparations. However during the last eighty years due to phenomenal growth and advancement of science and technology including chemistry, concept of pharmacy has drastically changed in recent times and today pharmacist is also closely involved as one of the most important member of the team responsible for the development of new drugs involving different phases of pharmacological and clinical evaluation, post marketing surveillance programs, monitoring of adverse drug reactions and even in therapeutic drug monitoring system. Today pharmacist is working hand in glove in majority of the health delivery system and not merely in the pharmaceutical industry. Thus he is associated in the hospital, clinics and with the society at large all over the world. In view of its growing importance and demand for the welfare of the society at large, MCSGOC thought it most appropriate to initiate a college of pharmacy and it is committed to make it as one of the top institution not only in the country but even at the international level. With this view in mind a college of pharmacy was initiated in 2007. The education of pharmacy is being imparted by the most qualified, sincere and dedicated teaching faculty which even includes the first Indian qualified person in the field of clinical pharmacology from abroad to act as a bridge between the pharmacy and the industry on one hand and the clinic on the other hand. From this year clinical traials are also being conducted. Not only the teaching but even the health of the students & the neighboring inhabitants is also taken care off by a Dispensary attached to the college of pharmacy which is manned by expert team of doctors. Last year the first batch of the college came up with flying colors with achievement of 100% success and now the subsequent batches are in full strength. The college is organizing regular tutorials, seminar, symposium and it has even organized an international meet this year on arsenic. Merely in a short span of 3 years, college has progressed leaps and bound. We do hope, in times to come, college will mould the future of the pharmacy students such that any one needing the best of the pharmacist, would love to have such products of the college and the out going students of the college will have a confidence that their future is secured which is the need of the day. Let God help us in our endeavor.

Dr.Namrata SaxenaExecutive Director (MCSCOP)

Executive Director's Message


Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic.MCSOP is a college in the new millennium with greater emphasis on professional education. Bachelor of Pharmacy degree is a professional degree that prepares the graduate for pharmacy practice, awarded after four years of pharmacy school. Learning and working in harmony with other members of health care are the immediate needs for the ideal goal and social relevance of pharmacist in the health care system of our country. There is a paradigm shift- from present industry centered curriculum to patient centered that so as to achieve the ultimate objectives to produce a seven star a pharmacist. So that future pharmacist is prepared by knowledge centers of today to serve global market/ community confidently. Specially designed modern laboratories with hi-tech galaxy of equipments: HPLC, GLC, AAS, Fluorescent Microscope, Ion Metter, are available to impart need- based education and create an ethos for research of relevance.The institution has created facilities and opportunities to broaden the vision of the students and transform them into a stream of health care resource persons to take the challenges in the real world.